About Us

Maria and Olinda - Taylormade4u Barbados's Senior  Organisers
Taylor Made Senior Organisers are :-

Maria Taylor, based in England, comes from a background in nursing and business management. She has spent the last seven years in market research on “how to get the best from Barbados”.

Olinda Sobers, based in Barbados, has a career history in tourism and entertainments, and ensuring visitors enjoy Barbados.

Why do we do it?

  • Because we want you to have the time to make the most of your holiday.
  • Give you the opportunity to experience the real culture.
  • Avoid you being disappointed as popular excursions may be fully booked if you have a short time on the island.
  • Promote tourism and local produce
  • Provide genuine local people with the opportunities to work in a rewarding and fulfilling role.

Some ideas…

A fantastic Barabados fishing trip
Fancy a fishing trip?

Why not take it one step further?
Learn how to season and cook your fish (if you’ve caught one), Bajan style, before you enjoy it.
How’s that for fresh food?

Take a day out to the other side of the island…

We can pack you a picnic and make sure your day is as special as you want it to be.
Not sure how long you want to be?

We will lend you a pre-programmed phone with our number. Call us when you are ready and relax with no worries.